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One evening, my 6-year old niece and I were casually talking about life when I asked her the “one” question every family member asks the kid in the room.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You will not believe what she replied.

She said “I want to be..umm.. one of those people who look at everything on mobile phones, computers and laptops, read chats, check folders and catch criminals”

I was completely shocked.

The Millenial me instantly realised that kids these days don’t just dream to be doctors, engineers or lawyers. …

You will be surprised by the options!

Being an event organiser is tough. You are not only the first point of contact for guests, advertisers, venue providers and members of your group but you hold the position of responsibility for planning, organising, running the event and post-event evaluation.

Same goes for members of groups and attendees of events.

For people looking to socialise and network, you not only have to look for websites and apps with groups/communities but evaluate platforms based on how secure and hassle-free they are!

In this article, you will find 9 alternatives to meetup that will…

Delve into an approach that works to boost productivity during the pandemic and WFH era

Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash

Is it possible to crunch time in the day without having to sacrifice sleep to get more done?

How do some people achieve the same goals that you have, in the same time?

Is it possible to become more productive despite a busy schedule?

The answer is Yes. However, these are questions, we ask ourselves almost every day.

So, how do we get more time to do the things we really want to do?

Let’s begin by revising our concept of time and accepting these 3 facts:

1. Time is a non-renewable resource

2. Time cannot be multiplied

3. We all…

Mind blockers: Things that prevent you from doing something you really want to do

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

First things first, Procrastination isn’t the same for everyone. For some people, it’s simple to get over with and for some, it stirs up a tornado and poses a serious problem.

We all have that one task that we really truly want to start but we keep putting it off. Often, we procrastinate for simple tasks such as unwrapping a delivery that arrived weeks ago or learning a new language or joining the gym.

But sooner or later, we manage to push ourselves to do it.

But what happens when you can’t overcome procrastination?

Zoom is where people go to school, work, party and pray these days.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Skype was the most popular choice among people whenever it was about video calls or video conferences. Even for podcasts to record conversations with guests.

People continuously gave Skype a chance whenever the question was about taking video calls during “work-from-home”, to catch up with friends/family or to discuss rental problems with overseas landlords.

After giving several chances to Skype and suffering continuous disappointments pertaining to video/voice quality that never improved and interrupted sessions, people decided to switch to alternative options.

Zoom was right around the block…

They are out there battling the virus every day to keep us all alive and safe indoors

Photo by Ahmad Qime from Pexels

Today is just another day where 90% of us around the world are under quarantine, working from home or attending online lectures. Everything is locked down and we can no longer step out like we used to. It is the weekend already but hardly feels like one as we’ve been indoors pretty much throughout the week.

The world is anxiously waiting for miracle vaccines/drugs that can put a stop to Coronavirus. Just for the moment, we can finally resume our normal lives. Everyone…

Hackers now linger around shopping carts to steal Payment card information

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

It’s 2020 and chances are you’ve never heard of E-skimming before. But it’s time you do and take preventive steps to secure your business or if you’re a customer, secure your card details.

We live in a world where online selling and buying is not uncommon. It’s also impossible to give up on shopping online in this digital age since products and services, even electricity and maintenance bills offer online payment options.

We have all heard of skimming devices that hackers fit on ATM machines and EPOS devices that…

If You cannot sell your product, No one else will

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

The journey of Entrepreneurship almost always begins with an idea to drive innovation. The idea then translates into an impeccable product/service and further into a great Business Model and Bam! Long story short, your business is up and running and you’re now a business owner.

What’s next?

Hiring a team of sales and marketing guys to up your game?

Thats where most Founders and CEOs go wrong. According to Statistics, 14% of Startups fail due to poor marketing (CB Insights, 2019).

CEOs play an active role in propelling performance and…

In-car systems are like Loot Boxes filled with unexplored Artifacts

It’s 2020 and Automakers cannot help but market In-Vehicle Infotainment System as one of the features of their smart cars. Recently, the buzz around Android Auto and Apple CarPlay creating distraction and serving as potential subjects of cyber-attack is alarming.

Infotainment System in Smart Cars (Photo by Pixabay from Pexels)

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with the Voice command (Hands-Free) feature assist drivers by taking off the burden of browsing through long call lists to make a call and typing in the location to figure navigation, allowing them to focus on the road.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers who take their eyes off the road…

Voice Assistant Alexa can do more than just listening, it can bear witness to crimes.

photo of amazon echo device
photo of amazon echo device
Photo by Fabian Hurnaus from Pexels

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is steadily disrupting the world around us. Recently, voice assistants gained worldwide attention for their ability to respond to voice commands and integrate with smartphones, speakers and other devices. The number of IoT connected devices is projected to grow in the coming years as the industry witnesses an influx of products.

According to Statista, the voice assistants global market revenue was around 4.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and expected to go beyond 17 billion in 2022. …

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